Rapper Q-Tip hooked up with Okayafrica to discover his roots through African Ancestry genetic testing. He starts off knowing that his mother’s side is from Alabama and his father’s from the West Indies, but, like many of us, has spent his life playing a guessing game about his ancestors before they got to the New World (he even puts out Zulu and Mongolian as legitimate guesses). Of this he says, “there’s a bunch of generational psychological things that could be answered as well.” Watch as the truth is revealed to Q-Tip and he gets to discover more of his roots than even he anticipated.

A video of A Tribe Called Quest’s head MC Q-Tip swabbing the inside of his mouth with a q-tip and discovering what (African) tribe he’s from? The puns just write themselves. Beyond that, seeing the amazement on his face is so charming; it’s interesting to see Tip connect with new music and instruments courtesy of new knowledge of his past, and inspiring to remember that we can unlock our pasts with a little technology.

What do you think of this video? Have you tried or would you try genetic ancestry testing?

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