When I think of great cinema my mind doesn’t usually wander to the likes of Amber Rose, Charli Baltimore, Teyana Taylor, Rocsi Diaz, or anything with the number 2 in the title, for that matter. But I have to be curious about any film that attempts to run purely off of the steam of the pretty faces of its cast. The original flick, Gang of Roses, starring LisaRaye McCoy, Stacey Dash, Lil’ Kim and Bobby Brown, was exactly as random as it sounds. While I can kind of get with the Wild West meets Set It Off theme, the early trailer for Gang of Roses 2 was so hilariously bad that since first seeing it a few months ago I’ve chuckled each time I’ve thought of it.

The latest snippet from the upcoming release, which seems set to go straight to DVD on Valentines Day of this year, features none other than the long-forgotten mistress of rap Charli Baltimore. The former mistress of Biggie Smalls and rapper for Murder Inc. in her own right also has new music coming out this year, but if it in any way mirrors her attempt at acting I’m even more convinced that I will surely pass.

What do you think of this one?

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