Well, here’s another “Shit___ say” to add to the already overcrowded list, but unlike many of the others that have popped up over the past few weeks, this one is actually funny.

Spurred on by the fans of their blog, the men of Very Smart Brothas put together a list of some of the things bougie women say. Without ruining it for you, what I appreciated most about this iteration of the meme is that there are very few negative stereotypes present (well, except for the horrible wig…with the tag still on!).

Check out “Shit Bougie Girls Say” and tell us what you think! 

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  • oknow


  • Elle Michelle

    This one wasn’t as funny as the previous ones. Though I am guilty of saying “This negro…” and I’ve attended my share of Urban League happy hours, lol

  • I’m going to need you to cut that tag off that wig. Stop trying to wear it for the video and then return it to the store. That’s not sanitary: Things that Bougie Super Sistah’s say.
    The end.

    the Super Sistah