I know, I know….not another ‘Shit ____ says’ video, but I felt this one offered an interesting backdrop to our current political climate.

While I have very strong opinions on the current crop of Republicans candidates’ rhetoric on race, I’ll leave the commentary up to you, Clutchettes and Gents.

Peep ‘Shit Republicans Say…About Black People’ and let us know what you think. 

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  • This video shows what Black people have been saying and the candidates have been trying to deny since day one.

    This Presidential race is centered upon race and this video shows it using their own words against them.

    Michele Bachmann signing of the Marriage Vow that stated Black people were better off as slaves, her comment in the video about not everyone being the same, Rick Santorum’s blah/black people comment, Newt Gingrich saying Obama’s a food stamp President or references that this is the most important election since 1860 goes to show that this conservative crop of GOP candidates have no respect for or any desire to understand the largest minority in the country.

    These candidates have no desire to be post-racial, they have no desire to stop race-baiting or even understand why their comments are racially insensitive. That is until they want us to vote for them, then it’s all apologetic smiles I won’t do it ever again, when in reality that statement is patronizing and race baiting in and of itself.

    The Republican relationship with not just Black but minority voters in general is troublesome. As America becomes more colorful it is a relationship the GOP will have to mend lest they find themselves the party of the new minority, Southern White men and Blue collar White workers who refuse to move past a peculiar institution state of mind.

    • minna k.

      well said!

  • rhirhi-hater

    i hate the newt

  • fuchsia

    This was disgusting …especially the closing statement.

  • LKJ

    Since the beginning of this race, the republican candidates have been competing with each other to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the republican base. They have essentially been trying to out-“stupid” each other by saying ridiculous and offensive things and the republican base has been rewarding them for this, but they will pay dearly for this in the general election.