After jumping into the “Shit _____ people say” meme with her hilarious take on the crazy thing white women say to black women, Franchesca Ramsey back with the second installment.

The first iteration of ‘Shit White Girls Say….to Black Girls” caused quite a stir on the web. While most viewers thought it was hysterical (and true), some found the video to be racist. Last week, Ramsey went on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show to defend her video, and explain why “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” wasn’t racist, but rather a commentary on things she’s heard growing up.

Apparently, the critics haven’t stopped Franchesca from coming up with material because she’s back with yet another funny “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls.”

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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  • Socially Maladjusted


    this is starting to get a lil creepy, seems like people have gone so deep “into character”, that character and actor have merged.

    I guess mocking black people is as much fun for black racist as it is for white racists


  • Kevin

    She forgot to answer why 51% of all blacks have HIV/AIDS. Black women are 18 times more likely to get HIV/AIDS then white women.

    69% of ALL Gonorreah cases in the USA are from black people.

    With ALL STD’s Blacks are always at 60% or greater of those infected.
    All these stats are at the CDC Website. http://www.cdc.gov

    With only being 13% of the population, blacks are doing a bang up job of killing themselves by not using protection.
    Perhaps homegirl should add a segment showing black women how to put on a condom, either on themselves or their partner.

    Giggle all you want at whites, they are not killing themselves having sex like blacks are.
    I won’t even get into the deplorable children out of wedlock problem. Soon you won’t get the EBT for all the kids. Are you going to let them all starve when it runs out?
    Never have more than YOU can feed without help from “giggle, giggle whitey”

    • gwynfshae

      Excuse me?
      How is this comment in any way conducive to an intellectually stimulating conversation or argument? Either you’re trolling or you’re an idiot- and if you’re trolling I guess you get an internet because I’m responding. If you’re an idiot, well, I’m very very sorry for you.
      Let’s start with STDs. Want to know why white people have less STDs? We get better healthcare by doctors. We get treated better in hospitals. Our problems are taken slightly more seriously and if a white girl gets an STD you can bet your ass there will be plenty of medical professionals there to treat her, offer her counseling, ask if she was raped, etc. Only recently have people of colour even began to be treated on the same SCALE as white people, and all of that social mistreatment is GOING to lead to health issues. If a white girl gets AIDS people will start freaking charities to help her pay for her meds, but if a black girl does the “oh, it’s just another black girl with an STD” mindset (like yours) takes over and people don’t care nearly as much.
      And as for that last few statements, about children out of “wedlock” (what an archaic term) and EBT… I am white. I don’t know a single white person other than my own mother whose parents are still together. Most of my white friends’ parents were never married. My family is on EBT, as are quite a few of my friends. By your logic, does that make us black? Another great point from the national census data: though more black women are on EBT/food stamps percentage-wise, “Despite these differences in recipiency rates, Black food stamp mothers did not have significantly more children than their White counterparts.” (http://www.census.gov/apsd/www/statbrief/sb95_22.pdf)
      So before you spew your religio-racist bull, please stop hitting yourself over the head with a stupid stick and do some damn research.

    • Socially Maladjusted


      She forgot to answer why 51% of all blacks have HIV/AIDS. Black women are 18 times more likely to get HIV/AIDS then white women.

      We tracked the spike in STD AND HIV rates among blacks to when black women started sleeping with white men.

    • “51% of all blacks have HIV/AIDS”

      Kevin, are you a moron? Um, what planet do you live on? Are you secretly a troll? I can’t believe no one on this website has called you out yet. I have spent the last hour researching the CDC and HHS websites to figure out where on EARTH you got this number from, and either you cannot read, or you are unable to decipher statistical data, even when it’s spelled out pretty clearly in layman’s terms.

      FIRST, according to the CDC (http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/us.htm):

      “CDC estimates 1.2 million people in the United States (US) are living with HIV infection.”

      Let’s do some math, shall we? There are currently close to 313 MILLION people in the United states. Black people make up roughly 42 MILLION of those. Blacks made up roughly 44% of new HIV/AIDS infections last year, so…. are you suggesting that 44% of 1.2 MILLION equals 50% of the black population, or 21 MILLION PEOPLE?


      So I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here, and consider that maybe you are talking about WORLD population of blacks. Right?

      According to USAID, in 2009 there were 23 MILLION people living with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa (http://www.usaid.gov/our_work/global_health/aids/Countries/africa/hiv_summary_africa.pdf). The African continent has a population of over ONE BILLION. By your logic, 23 MILLION somehow equals HALF of ONE BILLION?

      GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you start spouting this kind of ignorant BS. That’s the kind of crap that people like Michelle Bauchman spew to get people riled up about how gross and dirty and despicable black people are.

      If you can’t learn to read statistics, then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. The CDC numbers are relative to the TOTAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITH A DISEASE. For example, here (www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/AAs-and-STD-Fact-Sheet-042011.pdf) it shows that, in 2009, 48% of new chlamydia cases were from blacks. BY YOUR IGNORANCE, you would read that as “48% of blacks have chlamydia”, when IN FACT the number represents 593,000 people, not 21 MILLION (half of the US black population) people.

      Yuck. Get out of here. Your arguments just lost all credence because you are an alarmist who can’t read. Begone.

    • apple

      dont feed the trolls everyone.. kevin is from stormfront.org, a place where people are so obsessed with blacks its kinda of a mass masturbation session for their poor pathetic lives..

  • Shirl

    If I hear one more time how come no WTV and how come we have essence, ebony, clutch, the grio etc. I’m gonna scream. I say what about ABC, CBS, TBS, FOX, also People Magazine, El, Vogue, I could go on…but I digress. also I had a white woman ask why Blacks can say the N word but she couldn’t. Told her she has my permission to stand in front of the building (we were at work) and yell it at the top of her lungs..needless to say she didn’t take me up on it. Damned and I really wanted to see how it would’ve turned out.

    • R

      This is racist as hell. But, it’s OK. I hate niggers.

    • A

      you’re an asshole and i wish i could say it to your face