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  • Jessica Mercedes

    I cannot STAND when someone asks me when I’m gonna get my hair done. I wanna say “B!#@h IT IS DONE!!” Its washed, conditioned, combed, twisted, untwisted, and oiled. That’s a whole lot of doing for it not to be “done.”
    And telling me that their hair is nappier than mine…LOL. It gets me every time. I can’t even respond to that one.

  • jordyn


  • SassyFrassy

    OMG! I loved that ending! I always laugh at chicks with relaxers and weaves when it rains. It ruins their whole day… And I remember the days when it ruined mine.

  • Teehee

    I’m laughing because her hair is all crazy looking and out of place, and it’s often the people with relaxed-but-crazy hair that make these type of comments, lol.