We shared a clip from the upcoming Corey Grant/Datari Turner film Dysfunctional Friends a while ago that gave a taste of what to expect from the movie, which is hitting theaters in New York and Los Angeles on February 3 and spreading to other cities later. The official trailer has just been released and it kind of feels like having every black actor from our generation on demand; just when you’re thinking “what’s up with Reagan Gomez these days,” BAM she appears. As soon as you think “this movie could maybe use a little someone from The Game,” there they go…in spades. Considering how few black movies reach wide-release status and enlist actors we’re already familiar with, it’s interesting to see the trailer take a slightly different direction from the lower quality preview. Watch.

Call me crazy for asking, but has Jason Weaver’s voice changed at all since he was on Thea? No judgement, I’m just asking.

What do you think of this trailer? Do you plan on seeing the movie?

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  • OhMyEyes

    Oh, I saw this movie already! Only, it was called “The Big Chill.”

  • ms_micia

    Always like to see black actors working. Saw a lot of my fav’s in there including Wesley Jonathan and Tatyana Ali. Looks like a typical black relationship movie that may have strarted as a play. Every movie doesn’t have to change the world. It looks funny and I love seeing good looking black people on my movie screen. BTW The Lord is gonna have to help me through this lust Im feeling for Christian Keys, in a movie chock full of fine men he definitely was the one that gave me the most pause. He’s like the new Shemar Moore just too fine for words. Oh and I see you Persia White aka Lynn hey girl heyyy! LOL I’ll get it when it goes on DVD.