I have to openly admit that I do not understand the appeal of T.D. Jakes as a spiritual leader or storyteller, and I’m definitely on the late bus because I am only just now realizing that every time Netflix suggests I watch 2004’s Woman Thou Art Loosed, which is based on a book by Jakes, its algorithm has me all mixed up. His upcoming effort Woman Thou Are Loosed: On The Seventh Day breaks away from the plot and characters of the first film but keeps the “woman with a secret past better come clean and turn to The Lord” messaging and adds a heavy dose of crime drama.

The official synopsis:

Kari (played by Sharon Leal) and David Ames (played by Blair Underwood) have seemingly built the perfect life until Kari’s dark past is unveiled following the kidnapping of their 6-year old daughter. As the couple desperately searches for their child, Kari realizes she’s not the only one who has secrets. Forced to confront the truth, life spirals out of control for both of them in this independent psychological thriller.

Strap yourself in and take a look at this trailer…

“If not I’mma be on you like red on pepper”? Ok, Pam Grier? Word.

This trailer is doing so much, but any movie starring Blair Underwood becomes a little bit more legitimate for having him in it than it would be without him, don’t you think? The film will be released on April 13.

h/t Shadow and Act


Will you check this one out?



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