Yesterday, one of my Facebook peeps posted a question about how to break up with someone. She wanted to know how do folks put an end to a relationship that just isn’t working anymore. She followed-up her question by recounting that she was once dumped via email.

To my surprise, many of the (very grown) people who chimed in admitted to either being dumped or dumping someone they’d been in a relationship with via text message, and according Daily Mail writer Mandy Appleyard, this phenomena is spreading. I guess dating in the digital age really has changed the game.

Hearing folks recount some of the worst breakup methods reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw’s epic Post-it moment, and made me wonder why it’s come to this.

I mean, I get it, breaking up is hard. But if you’re firmly in your 20s, you should be able to face the person you’ve traded secrets (and in some cases bodily fluids) with and tell them exactly why you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. While a face-to-face may be difficult, a phone call can serve as another respectful means to end it, but a text, email, or worse, Facebook inbox message?

Just cold.

As we increasingly live our lives digitally, basic courtesies like breaking up in person seem to be falling by the wayside.

 What are some of the worst ways to break up with someone? Have they ever happened to you? 

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