Two years ago one of my favorite people in the world Allyson did something I found very interesting…she decided to write her life story.  The concept was genius.  Imagining her life as a word document, she decided to write her story with the premise that once it is written it will come true.  Whatever she hoped and dreamed would go into the word document cleverly titled “MyReality.doc” and this document would serve as her reality.  The best part, if you don’t like something about your reality or the reality of your dreams changes…you can just edit your MyReality.doc and poof, like magic your husband can go from Steve Urkel to Denzel with a simple keystroke!  The most important part to this is that you have to believe, trust and have faith that everything you type will come true because you deserve it.  She said to me that having that kind of faith is something most of us find difficult, but if we take the first step and just plant the seeds, they will most definitely grow.  She challenged me to sit and really think about what it is I want for my life and then once I’ve found the answer, to write my own MyReality.doc.  I jumped at the challenge.

Now, nearly two years to the day that I wrote it, I’m looking at it and noticing that I’m on my to achieving the dream, but I’m also noticing that the dream has changed some and things that I wanted two years ago, I don’t find necessary today.  I think I’m going to take a moment to revisit and rewrite my MyReality.doc, but before I do I want to share with my fellow Clutchettes the life I envision for myself, maybe it will inspire you to write your dreams into reality as well.

MyReality.doc – Written January 28, 2010, 9:00am

“I can’t believe that all of this is happening to me…if I’m dreaming let me sleep.” –Monica

Those are the words that flow through my head as I wake up so blessed that God has given me life for another day.  The old me would’ve never thought a life like this would be possible, but the new me knows that I deserve it and I appreciate and embrace every second.  I turn to my left and the hubby is still asleep, he never was an early riser like me.  He looks so content and peaceful as he sleeps.  I pull the covers up on him, kiss his forehead and thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful, nurturing, motivating, loving and driven man.

As I walk through our beautiful all brick home, I can’t help but be grateful yet again.  I head down the stairs I hear chatter….the kids definitely take after their mother.  I stand in the archway of our living room and laugh to myself as I see Jacqueline dancing around the room in one of my 80s style wigs singing Object of My Desire as her brother Quincy shakes his head, calls her crazy and proceeds to play with our Yorkie named Carter.  They are definitely our mini-mes; smart and crazy…a deadly combination lol.  They spot me and immediately drop everything to run and give me the biggest hugs ever and ask me to join in their Saturday morning antics.  I indulge and we play a little Super Band Hero 9.0 before I run off to the kitchen to start breakfast.

The hubby comes downstairs just in time for us all to sit and eat.  He gives me a kiss on the cheek and a playful mush to the head, flips his son over his shoulders and into his seat, then picks up his daughter and asks her how daddy’s princess is doing today.  This life is too perfect….please someone pinch me!  After breakfast we bathe and dress the kids and set them and Carter loose into our spacious and seemingly never-ending backyard.  I stand in the doorway and watch them play when out of nowhere the hubby sneaks up behind me and wraps his arms around me.  I instantly feel safe, whole, secure and amazingly blessed.  From humble beginnings and struggles to this.  From trying to figure out life and finding a career I love, to being head of HR for a huge company while doing HR & PR consulting and freelance writing on the side.  From having my heartbroken and wondering when it will be my turn for love, to being showered with hugs and kisses everyday from a man who God designed just for me to be my husband, partner, friend, confidant, lover and amazing father to my children.  Our life is far from perfect, but we face the imperfections together as a family and overcome them with ease.

My husband and I support each other as heads of our respective companies and together we are an unstoppable powerhouse.  Our kids have all the love and nurturing our parents provided and then some.  They go to the best schools, are involved in numerous activities, travel the world with us exploring new countries and learning about life outside of the U.S., but still, even at this young age know to appreciate what they have through the weekly volunteering we do as a family at local shelters and food banks.  My life centers around home.  I draw my strength from my family and feel blessed for each day I have with them.  We are blessed to wake up each day to do work that we love and live a life free from financial worry and stress.

The love in our home is the backbone of our family and our foundation; we lean on it, trust it, respect it and never take it for granted.  This is the life that everybody asks for.  Finally I have everything.


What does your reality look like?

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