It’s the beginning of a new year, and change is in the air. Bygones will be bygones, and the fashion faux paus of the past will be forgotten—unless of course you bring them into the new year. We don’t want you to be caught in some of the worst fashion moments of yester-years, so we have compiled a list of trends that must not sneak into 2012. Let’s begin!

Leopard Jumpsuits:

In 2011, the Kardashians debuted their affordable fashion line at Sears. The Kardashian Kollection consisted of the ever so popular leopard print jumpsuit. While leopard continues to be a big trend, and an automatic way to add spice your ensemble, head to toe leopard can be a bit much. A leopard jumpsuit screams a bit too loud for us. We think it’s a good idea to leave that trend in 2011.

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