Music is truly the soundtrack to our lives. From songs to get us pumped in the gym, to songs that describe a pain we can’t seem to express, music plays a huge role in our lives. So it’s no wonder that there are thousands of songs about love. Whether you’re in love, lost love, confused about love or never felt love, there is love song for that and the words can describe exactly how you’re feeling at that moment in time. If I had to pick one song to describe the current state of my love life it would be Lose Myself by Marsha Ambrosius, from the minute I heard it the lyrics spoke to me and I swear I cry every time I hear it. A song for my overall love life, Deniece Williams’ Silly. If you’ve ever been a woman who has loved and lost, then Silly will definitely speak to you. Honestly, the list of songs can go on for years! But this isn’t all about me, it’s about you Clutchettes, so….

What Song Best Describes Your Love Life?

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