President Obama give state of the union speechTonight, President Obama will address the nation and Congress and deliver the annual State of the Union address. It in, the President is expected to highlight some of his successes (i.e. killing Osama bin Laden), as well as outline many of his policy ideas for the upcoming year.

With Congress extremely divided along partisan lines, many pundits believe little will get done this year. However, Americans still demand action and President Obama will be expected to inform citizens which direction he plans to take our country in this year.

Republicans have already called the President’s ideas “tired” and claims Mr. Obama’s policies have hurt our country. However, Democrats insist Republican obstructionism and lack of cooperation has hampered our country’s recovery.

Despite so much political acrimony in the air, Americans are still looking to the President and Congress to come up with joint solutions to get the country back on track.

Will you be tuning in to President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight? What would you like to hear? 

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  • I don’t just want him to make a case for his re-election or why he’s a better leader or governor of our nation than the final four republican candidates vying for his job. I want to hear him talk about what he’s going to do next. I want him to lay out what he’s done, how it’s helped, and how he will build on that and make it better. Likewise, I want him to address his critics who oppose him at every turn and explain to the American people why it is intransigence by Republican members of Congress that is holding the country back not the lack of idea or legislation. And if he’s faltered I want him to own it, explain what happened and why he’ll never let it happen again.

    there is no practice for the Presidency. it is on the job experience. I want him to make that clear and even more clearly than that I want to know what’s next.

    if he wants another four years what’s next. not just change, not just hope but marked improvement that we can see that is tangible.