My guy thinks I’m sexy.

Now I know you’re thinking “He’s with you, of course he thinks you’re sexy silly,” but I honestly didn’t think so. Let me explain. See, I don’t really consider myself to be that sexy. At least not by the media’s standard. I’m a plain girl, no makeup, shoes, accessories, etc. I’m 8 galaxies away from girly, but you wouldn’t consider me a tomboy (although I used to be). I actually hate clothes and spend my entire work day counting the minutes until I can take off my simple jeans and t-shirt attire and just relax. I’m a sweats and sneakers girl, I’m me…and he likes it.

Let’s rewind for a second. The other night my guy and I were on the phone having one of those normal, yet completely random conversations, as we usually do:

S.O.: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing watching Golden Girls and playing the Sims

S.O.: You and that game. Did you eat?

Me: No….but don’t worry I will. Have you decided what you’re gonna do for your birthday?

S.O.: No, you know I plan things last minute.

Me: Well let me know so I can be my fabulous, sexy self at the event.


Me: Ummm, hello.

At this point I’m thinking he heard the words “fabulous” and “sexy” and muted the phone to laugh.

S.O.: You’ve never said that about yourself before.

Me: Said what?

S.O.: That you’re sexy.

Me: Oh. Never realized that. Guess I don’t really see myself that way.

Men notice and remember everything. Sometimes I think they’re worse than women.

S.O.: Well you should. I think you’re sexy.

Me: You do?

S.O.: Yup. You’re crazy as hell, but sexy.

At this point I have a mental school girl flash of me jumping around giddy, dropping the phone and fainting with excitement. The man said he thinks I’m sexy. Me? I’m thoroughly confused by this concept. I’ve seen pictures of a few exes and I’ve seen some of his close female friends…I look nothing like them. I take notice of the type of women he stares a bit too long at in magazines and on television…I damn sure don’t look like them. Yet he’s sitting here telling me I’m sexy. I must dig a bit deeper.

Me: What about me is sexy?

S.O.: Well aside from the T&A? I think you being you is sexy. Your walk, your talk, the weird things you do, the random things you say. It’s all sexy to me.


Me: I hear you. Good to know.

I know, I know. I could’ve had a better response, but I was speechless and trust me, it’s not an easy task to shut me up. After we hung up, I started to think about what the word “sexy” really means and where it comes from. Is sexy just one specific thing or can it be a variety of things? Can you buy it? Fake it? Develop it? What exactly is sexy? Personally I still have a hard time believing I’m sexy, but maybe that’s because I’m defining the word based on the media’s idea of sexy and not my own. Every day I try to find something that will help me create my own definition of sexy and in the process, I’m feeling sexier than I ever have.

What’s your definition of sexy? What makes your partner sexy (or not)?

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