Further proof that the n-word still pushes people’s buttons and isn’t just another word.

After hearing three young men repeatedly use the n-word and taunt passengers on the bus, Iraq War vet Jim Hardie had had enough.

The Lacey, Washington resident was on his way home when he heard three men bullying passengers. Instead of ignoring it like most people would do, Hardie called the group out.

“Given the nature of what we’ve gone through with the word n***** it’s not appropriate to loosely throw that word around or refer to white women as white b***** and I’d appreciate if they stopped that,” he says he told the men.

And that’s when things got violent.

The men tried to intimidate Hardie, a former Marine, and began throwing punches. Hardie, a trained killer (because that’s what Marines are), refused to back down and fought back. The men fled the bus, and Hardie is now being hailed as a hero for standing up for his fellow passengers (who didn’t appear to lift a finger to help him).

While it might not be wise to get into a violent confrontation with strangers, Hardie hopes people will step up when they see others being threatened or disrespected.

“I hope people in that situation will not be afraid to stand up to other people and tell them to be respectful. They have a right to do so.”

How would you have handled the situation? Have you ever confronted a stranger about their behavior? 

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