TMZ made a reporting faux-pas yesterday and had to quickly change the headline to a story before anyone noticed. The original headline looked like this:

Apparently someone realized how totally inappropriate this was, and now the headline looks like this:

I guess I should give TMZ the tiniest of props for realizing how out of hand one of their writers got with his or her thought process and fixing the problem…but um…what? Is this what’s going through our minds when it comes to the body of a woman we don’t personally know? This is not at all about how interested people are in Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby — that’s a matter of personal choice and its fine to be excited, just happy for them, or not care at all. But what fuels interest in the personal details of childbirth?

Among people whose interest in the matter I can understand are childbirth aficionados such as midwives and expecting mothers, and superfans who want to know every little thing about their favorite artist that they can possibly learn. And of course there are people who see a c-section as a red flag for a secret tummy tuck or a surrogacy, neither of which is fully grounded in facts but hey, that’s gossipers for you. Both are fair enough.

But for the rest of us, would actually having a personal stake in her childbirth experience even then make it appropriate to talk about her vagina? Because of course we don’t have that personal stake, and even if we did I’m not sure that would make the very personal word “vagina” come to mind. When’s the last time someone you know had a baby and you went nosing around in the details her delivery without her sharing with you first? What made Beyonce release this information in the first place?

What do you think?

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  • fuchsia

    I’ve been over Bey and Jay for awhile. They want privacy then they need to STFU and be private. I thought it was funny that reports about her C-Section came out but then to stick to her “perfect image” it sounded better to say she went ‘natural’ since no one will ever know the truth anyway. GTFOH

  • Chelsea ♥

    A better question would be, “Why do people care about Beyonce having a baby at all?” Was she carrying the second messiah? Is this a historical moment for society? We as a people should honestly learn to organize our priorities. We’re putting emphasis on a woman who is doing what, literally, BILLIONS of other women have done and gotten no recognition for because they weren’t famous. I can also say it’s a shame that we are bombarded with an array of information (whether false or factual) about her childbirth, but I have yet to see any serious media coverage on the issue of Gay marriage, racial intolerance in America, police brutality or anything else that actually matters. I’m not a hater and I’m not some self-righteous preacher, I know she worked hard for what she has, but I’m just confused as to why people assume that everything a celebrity does has glitter on it, or, is worthy of being followed.