“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.” – Leo Aikman

I have a gift. I am sarcastically inclined and I know how to put together a sentence or two to either bite or praise. In my younger days (ok…and even in my not so younger days), I’d sit with my girls and critique people I thought were “losing at life.” You know the typical, “why is her skirt so effin short, is she working?” or “Somebody tell dude 1992 called, they want their jeans back” kinda stuff. Sure it was funny, but why did I care?

Increasingly our culture is becoming meaner, more critical, and extremely vocal about others. But why? Why is that important to us? I realized this about myself and have been trying to change it. Now I save my biting comments for those who have been personally disrespectful to me, and leave the innocent bystanders alone. What I realized is that being critical about others showed major kinks in my amour.

As I live a more inspired life, part of that includes not cutting folks down to size with my words, but rather building them up (or keeping my opinion to myself).

What do your words say about you, Clutchettes? Think about it.

Happy Wednesday! 

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  • renee

    I really appreciated this article. It made me take an honest look at the way I comment and judge people on a daily basis. I personally hate when I feel like people are commenting or side eyeing me – so I definitely shouldn’t be doing it to others. Sometimes you make the comments without noticing or just to be funny but in retrospect it really isn’t that funny at all…

  • Miss September

    I agree with the quote above. It says so much about you, when you talk negative or try to trash another person. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a few people that I personally can’t stand but I am not going to sit up here and bash them.
    Not only that , I think it is admirable trait to have for person to be able to be silent when they’re back is against the wall .It does not make you a pushover , to not say anything in retaliation , it makes you smart to not always using “fightin words ” .