Here’s a warning for women traveling alone: Always remember to deadbolt (or chain lock) the hotel room door.

Recently, a former New York City investment banker filed a lawsuit against Starwood Hotels after she claimed a stranger sexually assaulted her in her hotel room. Alison Fournier claims a front desk clerk at Hotel Kamp in Helsinki gave the stranger a key to her room after he said he was her husband. According to the lawsuit, Fournier says the man entered her room and began groping her while she was in bed. Thankfully she was able to grab her robe and flee the room.

Fournier and her attorney, Gloria Allread, held a press conference Monday regarding the lawsuit. Fournier is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for her ordeal.

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  • African Mami

    HELLLLLLLLLL YEAH SUE THEM!!! I’m with you mama! Why the EFFwould the hotel give a stranger keys without verifying with me first?!!!! SUUUUUUUUE THEIR ASSES.

  • Ashley

    I travel alone for my job all the time and I always deadbolt and put the chain on the door. Hotels freak me out. You never know who is watching you.

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      Same here. I travel internationally for my job and rarely leave my room after 9pm unless for a meeting or something, especially in places where my color garners so much attention.

  • ProsperityMe

    Terrible, like how in the hell did this man know where she was and who she was??? Really??? What the hell???

  • Darren Sloan

    This is simply a case of some chick trying to get something for nothing. I have a very hard time believing that this gal is so upset that she had to quit her job but wasn’t upset enough to call the police or notify the hotel. She instead contacted an attorney about suing the hotel! Granted the hotel had a breakdown somewhere, however it seems to me the drunk was the main issue. He doesn’t have millions of dollars though so his name isn’t even mentioned… If this were a car accident without a police report, she wouldn’t be entitled to anything! All of the people supporting this suit will be first to grip next year about their hotel charging twice as much next year due to these kind suits! Why do you think it cost so much to go to doctor… It’s crap like this that ruins it for the people who have legitimate claims! In closing, this is BS!!! How many of you gals who feel unsafe sleep in nude at a hotel without the dead bolt secured! Once again “BS”!

  • Nicole

    You couldn’t pay me to let Gloria Allread represent me.