From Alber Elbaz to Vera Wang, it seems fashion’s biggest designers are falling all over themselves to create signature clothing lines for kids. Despite the fact that we are in the eye of an economic storm the demand for mini replicas of today’s hottest designs is at an all time high. Versace just opened a kids’ boutique on the ground floor of its Milan headquarters to house their children’s line, Young Versace, which will sport a huge lilac and white fairground ride and littered with super-sized candy canes. Lanvin Petite launched pop up stores in Paris, Monaco and New York, selling $1,570 pink taffetta trench coats, $1,105 red sun dresses and $645 shrugs and Vera Wang is launching a junior’s line for Kohl’s, called Princess Vera Wang, scheduled for August 2012. And these are just the latest designers to join the craze, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Stella McCartney and Christian Dior already have kid’s lines.

Now while some might say if you’ve got it spend it, do you really have to? Does a 5-year-old really need $1500 trench coat? And what are you teaching your child about fashion (which doesn’t have to be expensive to be appealing) and the value of a dollar? I want my future children to be stylish and cute just like everyone else, but my common sense and my wallet just can’t fathom spending a mortgage payment on something that they’ll grow out of in 6 months, but maybe it’s just me.

What do you think of kiddie couture? Is it too much? Would you buy it for your child?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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  • Cha Cha

    It is just too much for me. I have my priorities in line, and couture for my kids is not one of them. I am in my sons kindergarten class 4 days per week, and EVERY single day, I hear at least 3 conversations about little Daquan or Jayla’s new Jordans, how Jamal is wearing Target shoes, who’s mama has the better weave, etc, and I do not want my kids to be materialistic when they need to be worried about education and other important things in life. I dress my kids in cute, stylish, and quality clothing, but 1500 dollar pieces for children (who outgrow stuff every 3-6 months) are not where it is at.

  • OMSS

    Of course… If I could afford it for myself. That would be start! LOL

    But of course couture clothing for me or my future offspring would be the last (or most likely nonexistent) on my list of priorities. I would have to be wealthy (not rich) before I would consider purchasing it, but to be honest I think it would still be wasteful- I have never been very materialistic, and didn’t care if I didn’t have the latest gear. In a world were we cannot close our eyes and ignore poverty and despair, I could never imagine myself even considering purchasing it. I would put my money into alleviating problems such as poverty…

    BTW, I could so imagine certain celebrity couple doing this!