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  • Bronze

    You can keep the Witchie Poo look. What a stupid trend.

  • I love it! I really want to try it this fall with a wig but I’m not sure how it will look on my brown skin. Hhhmmmm…

  • Jessica Mercedes

    Kelis looks amazing with this look, but Kelly Osbourne actually looks like an old lady. I wouldn’t mind rocking this look (when I’m 60). I don’t think I’ll be the type to try to dye my hair back brunette once it turns silver, especially if my hair is still full and curly.

  • Landy

    lol…wish I had a choice! I have been graying since 17 and 20 years later, have still seen fit to choose to color my hair since I am about 33-40% gray (mostly in my crown). Mine came with heredity, but I am not quite ready to embrace the stigma that comes with it. Some women can rock it beautifully, as most often you find them with a distinct tone of gray, silver or white and/or pattern; but me on the other hand-not so much-lol.I didn’t inherit that “good” gene.

  • Maisha Barnett

    I’ve been a member of the Silver Fox club, wearing my naturally grey hair, since my late twenties. I dyed it black in 2010 (after a traumatic experience) and hated it! I decided to cut out the black and start all over. Now at age 41, for the first time in my life, I am wearing my hair short and natural. And I love it!