Church sign calls Blue Ivy Carter Satan

Ok, I’m as sick of the Beyonce baby stories as you are, but this is just crazy.

A church in North Carolina says it’s sign was hijacked by vandals who had a message for the world: Satan is here and Beyonce is her mama!

Apparently, whoever tampered with the sign at the Beulah Hill Baptist Church buys into the theory that Beyonce is a devil worshiper, and her newborn baby is Satan. Luckily, the church and its local residents aren’t one of them. They immediately took the sign down.

While this theory that Bey and Jay worship the devil is nothing new (i.e. Thembi’s post about ridiculous things), it’s sad that some people have SO much time on their hands they want to slander a newborn.

Can we all vow to keep the innocent baby out of the “hate” people?

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