Tamiko Robinson was brutally murdered by her 14-year-old-son

Photo Credit: David Coates / The Detroit News

The unthinkable happened to 36-year-old  Tamiko Robinson on Monday night. After trying to keep her son from joining a gang, Robinson was shot multiple times at point blank range by her 14-year-old son as her fiance and five-year-old daughter escaped out of a window.

According to relatives, Robinson’s son Joshua had been skipping school, using drugs, and acting out. His mother, who also suffered from lupus and was receiving kidney dialysis, was desperately trying to keep him out of trouble. Apparently, he had other ideas.

Family: Detroit Teen Guns Down His Own Mother: MyFoxDETROIT.com

The Voice reports that earlier Monday Robinson tracked her son down and forced him to return home after running away. And according to the victim’s brother, Leshawn Roberts, the two had been feuding about Joshua’s behavior for a while. It all came to a head when Joshua allegedly broke into a locked room that contained a 12-gauge shotgun, shot his mother multiple times, and fled the scene. He was later apprehended by police driving around in his mother’s car.

Roberts told the Detroit News he hopes his nephew was high at the time of the shooting, because it would be the only way to make sense of his sister’s senseless murder.

“He brutally murdered her. It was overkill,” Roberts said.



The teen’s family is now standing by him. Read more.

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  • QoN

    Can I just say that its topics like this that provide the greatest proof of how out of touch black women are with raising children. Ive actually never experienced such indifference to the state of children like I have seen from the black woman. Im hard pressed to call you people women because youre so outside of a woman’s nature. Its actually quite sick and while I dont subscribe to some of the more crude stereotypes of black women I am starting to sympathize with your continued shunning as life long partners for any man.

    • Toppin

      Look Itch….any indifference on the part of black women concerning the plight of blac males has been earned by them. I do not see anyone holding them accountable for their decades long indifference to black women, black girls or their community. Please STFU.

      While the mass exdous of black women probably won’t physically happen I could have predicted the more crippling emotional and mental exodus of the masses of black women. It has been a long time coming.

    • Si No Da

      @QoN I am genuinely SHOCKED & saddened as well…

      And the lack of investment in black boys ironically ends up hurting BW ultimately… Because instead of a productive member of society…

      He is a walking suicide bomber…

      When women are legit victims of anything men do… Remember comment section like these…

      Women with axes to grind from the men’s perceived failing in their personal lives….


  • Liz

    Someone please get Qon a muzzle.

    • Monique

      Please. Asap. Smh.

    • LaDreaming86

      I literally laughed out loud at your comment.

      If I didn’t know any better, I would think he/she responds to himself/herself under different screen names, because it’s always the same person/people agreeing with him/her.

  • QCastle

    Paging Sandra Bullock. She can raise the next black president.

  • Mocha

    This is sad. Once again…another one bites the dust. Sigh..I’m tripping off of all of these folks who can excuse his behavior to a degree. If these teens were so naiive and innocent, we wouldn’t be reading about stories like this. What he did was wrong..it’s no getting around that. I don’t know why people want to keep making excuses for children who do adult things. Then as soon as a teen does something in their neighborhood to them, their kids, family, dog, car or whatever, they’ll be the same ones talking about how the kid is BAD and needs some home training and how the child knew better than to do what they did. They may not understand the EXTENT of what they did, but they know when they have done something wrong. C’mon ya’ll..

  • Monique

    This goes to show it’s not always about how that child is raised or what kind of home life they have. A child is a person just like an adult. They make their own decisions. His mom, who was sick, did her best to keep her son out the streets and on the right path and instead of thanking her for saving his life, he takes hers. For what reason? For being a mother? For doing her job? I don’t get it. This world we live in is so crazy.