Not to make it boob week here at Clutch, but anytime Barbara Walters uses the phrase “black don’t crack” we have to let you know so you can all set your DVRs for what will either be a huge laugh or a series of jaw-dropping assertions from the mainstream media and medical experts.

Tonight at 10 PM, 20/20 will air the segment “Cutting Edge” exploring current trends in cosmetic surgery, including the ever-decreasing age of surgery participants, what kind of surgeries men tend to get, and the story of an 83-year-old woman who got breast implants. Of course the most sensational story, that of a plastic surgeon in California (where else?) who has done cosmetic surgery on most of his family, takes center stage in the preview clip. The surgeon, Michael Niccole, performed a breast enhancement on his daughter Brittani for her 18th birthday, a nose job for her 21st, and injects Botox into his other daughter’s armpits to keep her from sweating. No, really. Watch as Niccole praises his daughter for looking “sexy” and she explains how essential a nip and tuck here and there have been.

I think I could play Barbara Walters trying to eloquently say “black don’t crack” over and over again and never get tired of it. I don’t know what an investigation of that myth could possibly uncover that we don’t already know; it’s true, but I think the phrase is really good black don’t crack…not everyone holds up but we do alright.

As for the young women in this clip, I remain confused. The idea of keeping things in the family makes sense but if you’re unhappy enough with your appearance at 23 to start brushing things up before you even start falling apart, what can the future possibly hold? And isn’t it weird that her father is so invested in how hot he can make her look? If my dad wanted me to do anything with my body besides keep it covered and healthy I would be seriously disturbed.

What do you think?

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