Photo via 50 Cent’s Facebook Page.

Earlier this month we told you about rapper turned business mogul 50 Cent’s trip to Somalia to help donate meals to drought victims. Now, thanks to ABC News, we can see what exactly went on during his trip.

The news crew captured the Queens rapper in a new light. While his image has been that of a hyper-violent gangster, as the reporter noted, 50 isn’t like that in person. Instead, what we see is a thoughtful guy struggling to make sense of the devastation he sees before him.

50’s trip to Somalia was in conjunction with the UN’s World Food Program (WFP), an organization he’s been working with to provide meals to starving folks throughout some of the world’s poorest regions. Last year Fiddy pledged to donante one billion meals to the WFP and has even designated ten-cents from the sale of each of his Street King energy drinks to be donated to the organization as well. So far, 50 has already provided over 3 million meals, and from the looks of things, this trip and his philanthropic efforts have changed him forever.

Take a look at 50 Cent’s trip to Somalia and tell us what you think! 

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