From Frugivore — There is a nasty stereotype about black women that continues to be repeated so often it is now a legend: black women rather save their hairdos than workout. Even though all legends have a smidgen of truth behind them, for the most part, this legend, in particular, is not true.

There are countless numbers of black women that dedicate themselves to healthier lifestyles, filling their days with walking, swimming, and calisthenics. From the beautiful examples set by our star athletes to our health-conscious U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, black women are finding ways to incorporate fitness into their increasingly busier lives.

Case in point, Nicole Ari Parker. After gaining thirty pounds by eating lots of highly processed carbohydrates and only performing twenty minutes a day of aerobic exercise, Parker began a fitness journey that led her all the way to the top of a fitness competition.

But according to ESPN’s Jamele Hill, Parker needed some help keeping her hairdo somewhat fresh. So instead of letting beauty become before her health, she invested in a head-wrap that would help pull the moisture from her scalp without soaking her hair.

“It’s really about being part of the solution,” Parker told Hill. The wrap, which she released earlier this month and comes in different sizes and colors, uses Edge Control Technology to absorb sweat and heat while allowing cool air in.

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