It seems like a month can’t pass without the news breaking that yet another celebrity owes big money in child support.

This time, the accused deadbeat is DMX, who is being sued by Patricia Trejo for more than $1 million in child support that she claims should have been paid to her and her ten-year-old daughter. Because the lawsuit is for such a large amount, it is also preventing DMX from getting a passport without a court order (this is the norm in such cases) and he is asking that he be allowed to do so anyway. The catch? DMX swears he is not the father of this child, and is asking for a paternity test.

DMX has a long history of erratic behavior, mental illness, and drug addiction, so it shouldn’t surprise us that his personal affairs are in disarray. But how does an artist who sold so many records and did so much touring not already have a passport? How has he doubted the paternity of one of his children for ten whole years and not taken a test yet? Keep in mind, this is a man who had six children outside of his marriage — while he was married — and four with his wife Tashera, for a total of ten kids.

DMX and Tashera Simmons are slated to appear in a VH1 reality show called “Relationship Rehab” that will show their attempt to deal with X’s problems and keep their twenty-year marriage together. I wonder if this million dollar child support case will make its way in front of the cameras.

What do you think?

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