The search for that perfect hairstyle just got a tad bit easier with Social beauty platform, House of Mikko’s “I Love Your Hair” app. Have you ever walked down the street and saw a fly woman with great hair and complimented her saying, “I Love Your Hair,” before making a mental note of her style and later attempting to recreate it? This app is the virtual recreation of that familiar experience. It enables users to browse through an array of hairstyles submitted by real women.

Founder of House of Mikko, Kimberly Dillon expounds on the app’s services: “When you see a woman with hair that you love, you often want to ask her where she got it done or what products she uses. Now you can.” The app also finds the top-rated salons nearby where users can recommend its stylists and find out which hair products were used to create the desired style. Talk about interactivity at its best. Get connected Team iPhone, Click here to download the app for free on Itunes.

Are you checking for House of Mikko’s New “I Love Your Hair” app?

-Krystal Holmes

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