Beyonce made her first post-baby appearance at last night’s Jay-Z concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Rocking a curve-hugging jersey dress by Alice Temperly and some sparkly Christian Louboutin heels, the singer gave homage to lil’ Blue Ivy (who I guess was at home) by sporting blue nail polish and a blue cocktail ring.

Back when Blue Ivy-mania was sweeping the nation, we wondered why people were so interested in the intimate details of Beyonce’s delivery. So it’s no surprise that these new photos (which were posted on the diva’s own website), have re-ignited the surrogacy rumors and all of the other suspicion talk that surrounded this year’s most talked about baby story. I’m sure Beyonce’s feet still hurt from wearing those shoes all night and people are already asking “how does she look so great one month after having a baby?”

It’s funny how folks get confused when women bounce back from childbirth more quickly than people think  they’re “supposed to” and even funnier that there is a “supposed to.” Underneath it all is the question “why didn’t my body do that after I had my baby?” Is there some Mama Tina or Illuminati witchcraft going on? Special celebrity treatments? A girdle with the strength of Fort Knox?

Probably not, guys. Homegirl’s probably just got it like that. She’s Beyonce remember? What did you expect?

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