Before giving birth to baby of the year, Beyoncé put her pregnancy glow to good use in a spread for the House of Deréon’s Spring/Summer 2012 line. Rocking a studded bustier, wooden bangles, and a fresh-faced “no makeup” look, the superstar mom also lent her song “Schoolin’ Life” to the video lookbook for the fashion line.

It seems that everything Beyoncé touches — from music, to fashion, to beauty — turns to gold…except for House of Deréon. She attracts more media attention than almost any artist and has some of the most committed fans of any performer, but I haven’t noticed even her biggest stans running around excited about the fashion line that she’s been posing for for years…what gives?

I once saw some unbelievably tacky and poorly made Dereon jeans at TJ Maxx and balked at the price they were selling for, but other than that I couldn’t tell you where Dereon is sold or who buys it (we concluded the same about Rocawear a few weeks ago but at least that line was “in” at some point). I’m sure some of the stuff looks great on Beyoncé, or maybe Mama Tina, but otherwise I don’t know who is pulling off any of this gear. The fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z can snap their fingers and get the entire country’s attention but can’t keep their fashion lines out of discount stores might be one of the greatest pop culture mysteries of our time.

Check out the House of Deréon video lookbook. What do you think?

None of it looks bad in the video, but it’s hard to tell how any of these pieces would look in real life.

Would you rock it? Have you worn House of Deréon? Come clean, Clutchettes!

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