It’s clear that the music world just can’t leave Chris Brown and Rihanna alone. Just a day after it was announced that the pair would reunite on RihRih’s upcoming track, “Birthday Cake,” many are not only debating whether or not the two get back together, but if they should even work together at all.

We all know the facts.

Just three years ago Chris Brown put a beatdown on Rihanna that was so brutal folks will never forget it. While the pop star says she’s forgiven Brown and wishes him well, many of her fans (and folks in general), won’t let it go. And I’ll admit, I’m one of them.

No matter how talented Brown is and how many times he asks us to move on already, I can’t. Sorry.

But I know I’m not alone.

Today, Billboard magazine posted two open letters to Rihanna and Chris Brown, imploring them to live by the words they speak and to grow the hell up already.

In his letter to Rih, writer Jason Lipshutz challenges her to “Talk that Talk.”

“…the news about CB dropping by your “Birthday Cake” remix… damn. Three years and nine days later, it is officially implied that, no matter if you two are “single” or “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated,” a token of forgiveness has been earned by Brown. And that’s not cool, to a whole lot of people. 

Look, you could do this one song with Brown and never work with him again, or go record “Watch The Pop Throne” with him. You two could become a couple again and get married in Vegas next week. Maybe you want none of those things, or all of those things; you certainly have the right to do any of those things. In your words, “there’s only one you, so just be that.” Do you, Rihanna! 

But, in all honesty… you can’t do you, Rihanna. Not here. Not with Chris Brown. Because like it or not, millions of people are paying attention to you, trying to be as cool as you, attempting to find love in a hopeless place and wondering if it’s okay to walk down the same dark alleyway twice. Young girls look up to people like you to guide them through circumstances too complex for them to tackle on their own, and by granting Chris Brown an iota of tolerance, you implicitly encourage others to consider doing the same.

Well damn.

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