Shiny, bouncy straight hair has been the star of black hair care lines for decades. There are hundreds of commercials for do it yourself relaxers and perms featuring models with hair extensions or a full blown wig.

Does it make sense to promote hair products that are supposed to make your natural coils fuller and healthier with a head full of hair brought at your local beauty store? I have nothing against wigs or weaves at all.

Of course, we all wear our hair different ways whether it is permed, relaxed, hair extensions, or natural. Why aren’t there black hair commercials that showcase variety in black hair? Where are the commercials for natural hair care products?

With an explosion of natural hair you tube channels and blogs, I think it time to showcase natural hair products on our television screens because there is nothing wrong with our natural curls. It would be interesting to see our favorite natural hair mavens like Curly Nikki, Naptural85, Taren Guy, and Mae of Natural Chica in a hair care commercial to showcase real results of products.

The Coil Review, natural hair and lifestyle web magazine, is on the forefront of making mainstream culture support women of color that wear natural coils.

In January 2012, the magazine released a hair commercial to showcase the many images of natural beauty that we often do not see in hair care media.

In The Coil Review latest commercial, they examine the scene at a local beauty shop where most of the women look like the standard of beauty with straight, long tresses. In the end, the naturalista spy in the video reveals a new take on hair. Take a look below:

Black hair care companies, it’s time to include all types of hair in your advertising. Do not fear natural hair because we will never know if products actually work if you keep putting wigs and weaves on TV models.

Would you like to see black hair care commercials featuring women with natural hair? What do you think of The Coil Review commercial?

-Paulette Wilson

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