One look at the make-up of any university campus and you’ll notice one thing: black men are scarce.  Although this is almost to be expected at predominately white institutions, apparently black men are equally hard to come by at our nation’s HBCUs.

According to the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, black women outnumber black men 3-to-2 at HBCUs. Moreover, at the 100 accredited black colleges and universities, 61.5% of the attendees are women.

So what’s behind the disparity? Experts say that black men have very few role models that inspire them to pursue education, face tougher financial odds, and are less prepared for college than their female counterparts. In addition, once they make it to college it takes black men longer to graduate from college and many drop out. Only 29% of black men graduate from HBCUs in six years as opposed to 33% at all colleges and universities (57% of people graduate within six years nationally).

Many schools and organizations are working to close the gender gap in higher education. Through outreach groups that target young black boys offering tutoring and mentorship, to companies and universities that offer funding to black male students going to college, many are hoping to inspire more young black men to pursue higher education.

While black women and girls face their own sets of difficulties, the odds facing black males are steadily growing, which is leaving a generation of young black men behind.


*Via the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Mused.


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  • Native Gear


    I, and many others, understand you. Don’t bother going back and forth with some of these women. Many are two-dimensional thinkers and fail to reason with sense. Most modern day black women only care about themselves, so don’t even bother. There are still some decent black women who care about black men and the community as a whole, but they are not in the US….

  • I went to a PWI, but of course it’s hard for black men to attend school when you’re getting harassed by cops IN and OUTSIDE school, and other types of bs.

    • HowApropos

      Excuses, excuses, excuses….

  • HowApropos

    Honey, get the hayell on and don’t come back…

    …and take your foreign mammies like Native gear with you.

  • Donronnie

    After many, many years of trying my hardest to find love within ‘our’ community, I have started to finally see things in terms of what is really going on.

    I have worked diligently to love, value, cooperate with, and support Black women throughout my life up to this point. Unfortunately, I have, to date, been unable to find one that reciprocates these efforts on her own part. I am not baller-thug quality, and certainly not perfect in any way, and am not looking for anyone who thinks she is. But I am unwilling to continue being asked to bear what seems the sole responsibility for making a relationship between two people work.

    I am sure that there will always be someone who says that I haven’t done enough, tried hard enough, grown enough as a person or overcome enough hardship somehow become worthy of a Black Queen. I am certain that there will also be some who remind me for not being wary of ‘our’ historical oppressors. All I can say to them is that I’m out of time to worry about such things.

    Black men lack the luxury of being able to wait an eternity to perfect their ‘game’ if marriage and children are on the agenda. Meanwhile, I have spent what may have been the best years of my life so focused on angry sista’s that I find myself woefully behind on the social and personal acceptance of other women who approach me.

    So, for once, when a real lady-regardless of cultural origin-approaches me respectfully in a decent fashion, I will do more than quietly demur, waiting on someone that may never arrive. I’m taking THIS someone up on her offer, and try spending some time enjoying someone who might be interested in building something real.

    • Donald K Sumner

      True that brother! If BW were not SOOOOO concerned about HEIGHT, they would have more BM to choose from…

  • JoyceAfrican

    I have no idea what this is about or why it happens and I won’t try to figure it out. These are men’s issues and they can only be solved by men.

    Perhaps starting with the fathers of these boys?

    • HowApropos

      Long gone for the black woman to take care of his issues…