You know how Mitt Romney and the GOP in general are all about curbing illegal immigration and not so much about gay rights? You know how there has been one hypocritical scandal in politics after another these past few years? Combine those two ideas and you have the story of Sheriff Paul Babeu, Co-Chairman of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Arizona and candidate for Congress in the state’s Fourth District. Babeu resigned from his post in the Romney campaign on Saturday after a local newspaper reported that he had threatened his former boyfriend with deportation for refusing to keep their relationship a secret.

The original article, published in the The Arizona Republic, reported accusations from a man only identified as “Jose.” The 34-year-old man claimed that he met Babeu online and they had a relationship for years, but when he refused to sign an agreement to stay silent about things they Sheriff and his lawyer threatened to send him back to Mexico. Babeu denies the deportation accusation but admits that he is gay and called upon his supporters to view him as a law enforcement and military man above all else.

Meanwhile, Babeu is well-known for his harsh stance against illegal immigration, even in the notoriously vigilant state of Arizona, so the idea that he had a boyfriend without his paperwork in order…rather forbidden fruit, wouldn’t you say? Add to that the refusal of the Republican party to support gay rights and the hypocrisy is just glaring.

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