Welp, this should be interesting.

According to radio personality Miss Info, Chris Brown has confirmed he’ll be featured on the remix to Rihanna’s song, “Birthday Cake.” Apparently, Breezy recorded two verses for the track–one singing and one rapping–and it is set to drop on Rihanna’s birthday, February 20.

(Listen to the original track.)

This marks the first time the two have teamed up since “the incident,” and will be sure to continue to stoke rumors that the pair are getting back together.

Earlier, “Birthday Cake” co-producers, Da internz, told MTV  “It’s gonna be crazy,” and that the guest on the track will ” shock the world.”

Although I’m sure many will see this as RihRih’s ultimate “forgiveness” of Brown, I see it as something else entirely: a good business move.

I guess Wu Tang was right, cash really does rule everything around us.

What do you think of a Chris Brown and Rihanna Collaboration?

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