Chris Brown will perform at Sunday’s Grammy awards in Los Angeles. This will be the first time in three years since the singer has attended, let alone performed at the event. As I’m sure you recall (and most are having a hard time forgetting), Grammy Night 2009 was when Brown assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna. Both artists were scheduled to appear on stage that evening but canceled due to the incident.

This year, Brown is up for three awards, including Best R&B Album for F.A.M.E., and Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for “Look At Me Now,” featuring Lil’ Wayne and Busta Rhymes. Rihanna is also up for four awards.

Since the incident, Rihanna has attended and performed at the Grammys, Brown has insisted that he should be forgiven, and rumors have circulated about the rekindling of a romance between the two. It’s hard to tell how much the assault has hurt Chris Brown’s career (if at all), but seeing photos of what he did to Rihanna’s face has made him hard to forgive. When we wondered if it was time to move on and give Brown a second chance the jury was split; Britni admitted how hesitant she was about supporting Brown at all, while many of you felt that everyone deserves a second chance even in cases of abuse. None of us know the intimate details of Brown’s life or psyche, but as someone who is neither a fan of his nor of un-remorseful abusers, I’m still pretty turned off by the guy.

But is there a difference between letting Chris Brown live a successful life and facing the eeriness of knowing that he’ll be taking the stage exactly three years after beating his girlfriend? And if it’s still soon, how long is supposed to stay away?

What do you think?

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  • binks

    If you don’t like him then don’t support him and change the channel during his performance it is that simple really, but the guy shouldn’t have to stop his job/lifestyle because you feel some kind of way about it. But my thing is with this whole Brown situation is if it was any BUT Rihanna would be care this much…. most likely not

  • Whatever

    What are we supposed to do? Send him to a remote island? Let this young man find some peace and hopefully heal and recover. He made a mistake, he’s young and can definitely learn from it. It’s been three years.

    • vanessalynne

      Castrate and imprison the abusive piece of shit. If that does not work, execute him.

  • hell no!!!!!! its not to soon. let the brother breath!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyrtie

    Here is my highlight of today:- So CB is going to perform that beat….”look at me now”, didn’t slim thugg(Eminem) do that beat already?? Somebody give that guy his gun back….before he blows off #haha