From Frugivore — Time and time again, there’s been a debate between fitness experts and fat-positive activists on whether or not fatness is a detriment to achieving an amazing sex life. Of course, anyone can have “good” sex, as the term “good” is relative to individual definition. But to achieve that toe-curling, orgasm-inducing, long lasting, almost-unable-to-breath sex, it does take a certain level of fitness that extra weight can prevent people from attaining.

For men, cardiovascular fitness is an essential factor in preventing erectile dysfunction, which is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain a penis erection during sexual performance. Obese men are at increased risk for developing erectile dysfunction, and male excess abdominal fat has also been cited as a characteristic associated with ED. In regular speech, a man’s ability to “get and keep it up,” often depends on his heart health, physical activity, and weight. And thus, his health can influence the sexual gratification of both himself and his partner.

Duke University researchers found that up to 30% of obese people who sought help in controlling their weight made the decision due to a decrease in their libido, sex, drive, and/or sexual performance. A recent study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy also indicated that moderately to severely obese people report being less satisfied with their sex lives than the general population. It could be because of unrealistic standards of body image promoted by the media and wider public; thus impacting self-confidence and performance. Or it could simply be because of pure biology and the lack of fitness initiative that many overweight and obese people fail to consistently perform.

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  • sassy1

    As a person who has gained weight and now working to loose it……..the amount of weight on you does matter. I can tell a big difference between then and now. And it is one of the motivators to loose it and keep it off.

  • Frenchy83

    My weight has honestly fluctuated over the past year… Currently on the move working it back out again. But I will say I thought having sex at my heaviest WAS good, until, I’d lost 30 pounds. After that it was a OVERRR!! I was “hopping up on that thang” every night at that time!!

    When you are bigger, you subconciously become a bit dilusional. It’s like losing 50 pounds and looking back at a picture where you’d worn an outfit you thought was “fierce” at the time and showed all your “curves”, but in real time seeing the hot mess that was your former self.

    Looking back on how you’ve changed for the better brings an indescribable aha moment. What may be one of the only ways of making it real for yourself is to get within your bmi range maybe a bit over and have old unhealthy pic in hand… a truly vomit-inducing experience.

    I cannot blame purplekeychain for her position. If you have been overweight for the majority of your sexually active years, you’d think your sex is the bomb too. Until, again, you drop the weight and realize that it wasn’t worth a [email protected]!!

    Being fat is definitely not normal. We were not meant to have a spare tire around the belly as damn near inarguable evidence of more serious visceral fat hiding underneath it choking the life out of one’s vital organs.

    Not freaking normal.

    Denial is dangerous.