For weeks we’ve been sharing sneak peeks and mini-episodes of the new web series, The Couple, from the creative team behind the film It’s A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy. Now, the first full-length episode is here and it takes a look at what happens when a couple isn’t exactly forthcoming with one another.

We’ve all seen how secrecy and questionably text messages can dismantle a relationship, but could your relationship last if you traded phones with your partner?

Watch the premiere episode of ‘The Couple’ to see how they handle it. 

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  • Leelee

    Seems like a stupid question. If your relationship couldn’t last if you traded phones and you know that, obviously you shouldn’t be together.

  • MK

    My hubby can look at my phone anytime he wants and I can look at his, however we don’t do it out of respect. Now, if he’s looking at my phone and starts deleting numbers I am going to get very upset it’s not going to be pretty. But I know he won’t do that, so it’s all good :D

    • MK

      Besides, she’s kinda shady, why doesn’t she have name on those numbers? getting all kids of texts messages and no name? hmm, something’s not right…

  • Jas

    Definitely depends on the male or female! My boo and I have access to each other’s phones with permission and ask questions if necessary. But doing it without permission (snooping) which I’ve done a few times is a complete breech of his privacy. This was hard for me to understand because I’m very open with my cell phone. He’s taught be that private doesn’t mean sneaky because I can ask him anything and he will tell me the good, bad, and ugly about that person and their past together.

  • CaliDreaming86

    I am a fairly private person, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable with someone going through my phone or any of my belongings.

  • April25

    They don’t feel comfortable looking at each other’s phones, but they have no issues having sex. Something is very wrong with this picture!

    • EssDot323

      Speaks volumes.