Barack Obama visited San Francisco last Thursday to meet with constituents, take meetings, and shake hands — you know, presidential stuff. But a photo opportunity with diners and staff at Great Eastern restaurant shows that dim sum turned into a bit of a grope-fest and the president’s booty was the target. It looks like the woman in the photo below, who has not been identified, went all the way in!

I mean, she probably meant to put her hand on his back and slipped a little lower than she meant to. Nobody would ever intentionally grab the president’s booty. It’s always possible that a quick cameraman caught an awkward moment of fumbling, right?

Oh. Another one. It was just “all bets are off, let’s make our Obama buns-grabbin’ dreams come true,” for these women, hunh?

True to his usual form, the president just laughed, smiled, and kept it moving. Let’s not pretend that the president’s booty has never crossed most of our minds, but really, ladies? You took it there?

What do you think?

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