Donald Trump and Mitt RomneyProfessional hype man and millionaire, Donald Trump, endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today in Las Vegas. In a joint press conference, “the Donald” told the crowd, “Our country is in serious, serious trouble.” He went on to say that other countries “laugh” at America and because of this, he is endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

During the announcement, Trump praised Romney, calling him “tough, smart, sharp,” and telling the crowd, “He’s not going to allow bad things to happen to this country.”

Last year, Trump toyed with the idea of running for President, gaining popularity from Tea Partiers for his campaign to get the President to produce his birth certificate. Although he was never going to run for office (it would cut into his profits), Trump continued to claim he might throw his hat in the ring if a suitable Republican candidate wasn’t found. After several months, it looks like he’s settled on Romney.

Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney comes just a day after the former governor told CNN that he “isn’t concerned about the very poor,” which was roundly criticized by both liberals and conservatives (he was even criticized by Rush Limbaugh) for seeming out of touch with average Americans.

I guess today’s endorsement means we won’t have to hear about Trump entering the race, but will it actually help Mitt Romney?

What do you think?

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