Recently the supertrailer for VH1’s hit reality show ‘Basketball Wives’ was released and it seems like not much has changed.

Along with watching the ladies live it up in the lap of luxury in Miami, shop till they drop, and jet off to trips around the globe, the drama is back. The trailer shows cast mates Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada getting into an explosive confrontation, which once again, devolves into a physical altercation.

How original.

After the trailer was released blogs and Twitter timelines were filled with chatter about the new season of Basketball Wives, and I couldn’t help but think: aren’t we tired of this yet?

I don’t even watch the show and I know I’m tired of seeing clips of these women making a fool of themselves, and of black women as a whole, and yet VH1 continues to garner relatively high ratings each week.

While the show is still very popular, surely we are close to reaching the tipping point where viewers are growing tired of yet another wives program showing women behaving horribly. I mean, how much more can we take before people start to tune out and turn their attention elsewhere?

While many of us continue to complain about the lack of quality programing featuring women of color, supporting these “reality” shows do little to convince networks that we want something with more substance.

Seriously, Clutchettes….are we *done* with these shows yet? 


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