Fox News hosts are reliably ignorant and disrespectful, so I don’t know why I’m surprised that Eric Bolling chose the words “you saw what happened to Whitney Houston, step away from the crack pipe,” to address Representative Maxine Waters’ comments on banking and finance reform. Is it because of the disrespect one-two punch that goes in on someone who just died and then on one of the black community’s leaders? Is it because addiction is not at all funny in the first place? Or just because I’m getting the sense that every time we let one of these people speak this way and they get away with it, the next time the words and the hate behind them will be even more out of pocket. Watch as he makes the ludicrious comments, and then defends himself by saying it was all just jokes.

What do you think of these comments? Was he joking or just being as out of pocket as possible?


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  • HowApropos


    They still can’t beat Obama…

  • So making fun of someone’s death is funny right? It Roland Martin can be suspended for his tweets, I know this douche bag can be fired from that disrespectful statement!

  • Julia Garrett

    I really believe the news host should lose his job and be sued by Whitney Houston family. He most disrespectful and insensitive to a grieving family lost.

  • Edna Torrey

    Wow. I really believe he is the one on the crack pipe, and this will keep the media off of him. Truth always surfaces