Former Arizona Cardinal tight end Ben Patrick is being hailed as a hero. After witnessing a car accident on Arizona’s Interstate 17, the football player jumped into action, rescuing a group of passengers trapped in an overturned van.

It all began when he was driving his Lamborghini over the weekend and a van flip over on the highway. Patrick told reporters that he immediately pulled over to help, and after smelling gasoline,  he knew he needed to act fast.

“My first thought was just to help the people on the inside,” Patrick told AZFamily.com. “I ran over and I looked in the front window and everybody was laying sideways and I debated on kicking the window in, but I didn’t want to get glass over everyone.”

With the help of a friends and strangers, Patrick was able to get the people out of the van. Despite his efforts, Patrick says he’s not a hero. He told a local Savannah, Georgia news affiliate that he was just “doing what he was raised to do” and was glad he was able to help.

Although Patrick says he’s not a hero, I’m sure  the crash survivors think differently.

Have you ever jumped in to help someone who was in need?

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