Yogi’s know it, so do practitioners of tantric sex. Breathing helps your sexual performance and even more, aids in your sexual endurance. While quickies are great, and often times necessary; riddle me this, what is better than a full on elongated passionate lovemaking session with your partner that can go on for hours and hours? (head scratch…I can’t think of anything.)

When we exercise or perform any activities that are a bit taxing on the body, most people tend to hold their breath. It is no different during sex. Think of when your partner is on top of you/beside you/in the back of you and on the precipice of ejaculation, his body is moving more rapidly and more often than not his face is strained with the veins practically popping out of his neck. This is because, by nature of habit, he is not breathing.

Holding ones breath during sex (and any other physical activity) cuts off the flow of oxygen and tires the body more easily, it also restricts ones ability to be more fluid in their stokes. But what is even more important to remember about breathing is that being aware of the flow of energy through ones body allows one to be more present in the act.

Breathing from the diaphragm and not the mouth is key. By breathing from your stomach this directs the flow of energy through the entirety of your body and can move the sexual energy throughout the the whole body so that you and your partner are having a corporeal experience. Another tip to note about breathing, particularly when your man is on the cusp of ejaculation is, by slowing down the breathing at this time the orgasm can be prolonged.

Typically it takes women longer to experience an orgasm than man because we tend to like the build up of sex, and enjoy the whole experience of gradual arousal. To enjoy even more sexual intensity with your mate, you may consider doing breathing exercises together before you begin your love making, so that your bodies are that much more in tune.

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