How often do you hear the term ‘racist’ thrown about? I mean it is used so frequently, and without real regard for what the word actually entails, that real issues of racism are not properly addressed in mass media outlets or in interpersonal interactions.

For example, if your preference is not to sleep with a white man, that must mean you’re a racist. Or if you matriculated through an ivy league school, live in a Black upper-middle class neighborhood, attend a progressive black church, and speak truth to power (i.e. Michelle Obama), you must be a racist AND an angry black woman. Or when sound bite surfaced of Shirley Sherod making a remark–taken out of context–about a white farmer, she was immediately deemed a racist.

But riddle me this: How can a collective group of mostly politically and economically disenfranchised people be racist without having the structural power to collectively oppress another race of people? It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Contrary to popular belief, racism does not come in all colors, particularly in black.

Recently, I was having an impassioned discussion with a Sudanese woman and a man from Holland on this subject.  They vociferously disagreed with my point, that in order to be racist an infrastructure has to be in place, and I was accused of being a racist because I have zero attraction to Anglo men. But contrary to their beliefs, my proclivity toward brown penises–and vehement disregard for white ones– does not qualify me as a racist. It is what the Oxford English Dictionary refers to as a preference.

My predisposition toward not finding white men remotely attractive, romantically or sexually, does not yield the power to disproportionately imprison them, systematically keep them underemployed, or create generational poverty. Whereas racism has policed my womb for 400-plus years, created de facto  segregation, ushered crack cocaine and weapons into communities that were already suffering from the after effects of slavery and legislative injustice.

Nope, my sexual leanings were not the cause of 400 years of chattel enslavement which has never been abolished, but rather is referred to by another name–the ‘prison industrial complex’ which just so happens to house Black men at a rate 12-times that of White men who commit the same types of crime.

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  • Kyle

    well despite what you believe racism does exist in all colors and more and more i see black on white racism usually small stuff like insensitive jokes and idiotic stereotypes but occaisionally its radical articles like this or the worst of the four a white person being beaten half to death solely because they are white. fact of the matter miss is you are a racist but not only that you are one of the more prevalent types of racist a racist in denial. it may not sound bad but it means you go through life constantly committing acts you don’t see as racist because you believe american blacks cant be racist due to them being oppressed at a point in there history that being slavery and the almost 2 century period of racist discrimination against them that is only now starting to die down but history means nothing racism is racism.

    • Myself, Myself

      Sounds like she just has a personal preference that doesn’t lean toward white men. I don’t think she is a racist. I’m white and I feel exactly the same, just opposite, I do not find black men attractive.
      I won’t go in to all of the details as to why, but I am sure that some black men could find a hundred reasons why they wouldn’t pursue me, either. lol. It just boils down to personal preferences, I believe.

  • MJ

    Its not always what you say but how you say it. Some comments like the one about the cat and the needle whatever is unnecessary. Thats not racist but it is ignorant as F*** lol. Anyway, i was raised to have an interest and preference for the human male and i have gravitated to a more mature view of the world and the people that comprise it over the years. Im “biracial” with a preference for tall, European, blonde men with green eyes. That preference isnt racist nor is any preference. Yet,im still open to men from other “racial” backgrounds because i NEVER assume that i cant have a connection with someone just because they dont look like me. Also, every guy i date wont be tall, European, blonde and have green eyes unfortunately lol. My current bf is a white american who i love because we read this article together and he said that he saw me as a woman first and a black women second. My dad who is black used to tell me that people that live in the past will never progress but those that accept it and learn from it, grow from it move the F*** on and live their lives. Im a college student so i need to get some rest. But hey! who really cares cuz ITS ALL OPINION.

    • lol

      Lol. How are you “biracial”” and “black” at the same time? Storytelling self-hating clowns are funny as hell.

  • Eric

    The most commented clutch article ever, and I make the 1000th comment.

    Let’s celebrate

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