This morning I woke up to wonderful news from a fellow Tribe member…she quit her job to follow her passion for travel.  Now I know many of you are saying “Wonderful?  That sounds scary as hell!”  And it was for her as well.  No one wants to be unemployed, so of course her first option wasn’t to quit, she actually tried to get approval for a sabbatical or any kind of leave, but her job denied the request.   What makes the decision wonderful is that she didn’t let that “No” keep her from living her “Yes.”  Her passion was bigger than her fear of the unknown and when it came down to her continuing to work somewhere where her passion wasn’t able to be nurtured even in the smallest way or following her heart…she followed her heart.

Is she a bit nervous about what to expect?  Of course, there is a definite comfort in security, and it’s this security that keeps many of us from marching into our boss’ office, resignation letter in hand, ready to dive head first into the life we know we should be living.  Now of course if you have children, debt, or other responsibilities, quitting your job may not be the best idea, but fear may still be holding you back from starting that side business, going back to school or simply taking a trip to a new place all alone.  Every day many of us are allowing fear to keep us from following our passions.  We’re fearful of rejection, of the opinions of others, of making the wrong choices…of failure.  But life is too short to walk in fear instead of faith.  When it’s all said and done you don’t want to close your eyes with a heart full of coulda woulda shouldas.

Living the life you want should never be an option, so I say congrats to my friend, and whether she knows it or not, sharing her story has inspired many to follow their hearts as well…including me.

Is fear holding you back from living your true passion?  How to you plan to overcome it?

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