When Iyanla sat down with Oprah last year to clear the air about why she fell off the face of the Oprah universe, Iyanla’s fans began to hope that a show for the spiritual guru would be in the works. Now the former Oprah stand-in and host of her own Barbara Walter’s produced show will have another chance to heal the hearts and minds of America. Her upcoming show, tentatively titled “Iyanla Fix My Life,” will air on OWN later this year and follows appearances by the guru on Oprah’s Lifeclass series. Of the new project, Vanzant says:

After much prayer and conscious consideration I am choosing to move forward with this project as my next step in service to the world. I am so humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to do what I love; on a network that gives me the freedom to be myself; working with people who value what I bring to the table; offering to the people I love (that would be you) a consistent dose of something I believe will facilitate and support the personal growth and spiritual evolution of individuals, families and communities.

Following her groveling appearance on Oprah, Iyanla Vanzant’s book made its way to the best-seller list and she was again fully-embraced by the Oprah fold, so it makes sense that the next step would be her own show (even if many could view this as a desperate attempt by OWN to bump up sagging ratings). I remember reading Iyanla’s book In The Meantime in 1999 and taking the advice to focus on myself after ending a relationship, which is a process that I still follow. But I’m curious about how Iyanla’s advice has aged since she last had her own forum for spiritual guidance.

What do you think? Is Iyanla worthwhile as a spiritual guru? Will you watch her show?

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