I want to cut Ray J some slack because I know he is grieving the loss of Whitney, who was allegedly his on-again, off-again love interest, but the fact that he’s promoting a new book about cheating men and fashioning himself a relationship expert is something I cannot be gentle about.

Titled Death of the Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray, Ray J’s book chronicles his past as a cheater, giving aliases to the women in the book to protect the cheated-upon. For example, instead of Kim Kardashian, there is a woman named K.K. Oh, I see. Clever.

Ray J says that he is now reformed and wants men to see the light and become non-cheaters, too, telling The Insider “I wrote the book because I’m going through a growth process in my life and in order for me to take this process to the next level I wanted to recognize a lot of the things I’ve done in my past, especially in my relationships.”

For women, he feels that it’s essential for us to understand why men cheat in the first place. He even partnered with co-author and relationship expert Maxwell Billieon to outline how to use specific relationship rules to transform a cheating man into a faithful one. Because these types of things actually WORK.

I happen to think that Ray J is one of the biggest cornballs on the planet and that he will always act extra to prove he is more than just Brandy’s brother. This book is a great example of said extra-ness. That aside, I find it amazing that there continues to be a market for this “relationship expert” stuff, especially books with sexist tilts like this one. You mean to tell me that if I have a cheating man I can and should “transform” him into an honest man? That I should be putting work into his maturation instead of us both supporting each other and growing? And I’m supposed to believe this on the strength of Ray J’s cheating past with conveniently famous-er women than he? Man, please. I’d really like to see him set all of this aside and have some reflection time.

Ray J’s full interview with The Insider is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

What do you think of Ray J’s new venture?


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