She may not be a runway model, but that doesn’t mean PR diva Kelly Cutrone doesn’t know a thing or two about fashion. In a recent sit down with Marlo Thomas Kelly gives budding fashionistas tips on how to update their wardrobes for cheap. If you’re in desperate need of a mini closet makeover, check out Kelly’s great tips in the clip below.

How do you update your wardrobe?

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  • mamareese

    Um did I miss something? Her appearance did not want to make me follow her tips. She looks like the hair dresser that got a jacked up dome but lays everybodies hair. I guess….catch sells basically…not really telling us nothing we don’t know. But kudos for the tips anyway…hooray*wink.

  • I like her advice! There’s often pressure in the fashion and media industries to wear what the celebrities are wearing/whatever is seen on page six, and most of it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. Kelly keeps it real (the number one reason why I live for her), and tells us that it’s okay to buy from places that will often run you just $20-$30. She represents some of these clients who charge thousands of bucks for one piece. I think she’s dope.

  • I like this woman right hurr….she is a go-getter! But lawwwd Jesus in heaven knows, she don’t need to be dishing out fashion advice….she always looks like she in need of a hot shower and warm breakfast. Please forgive me lawwwwd!