Whether you like Amber Rose or not, you can’t really knock her hustle. The Philly native was once best-known as Kanye West’s muse, and since their break-up she has parlayed her fame into TV hosting gigs, product endorsements, and apparently music.

In an industry that allows just about anyone to throw their hat into the musical ring, Rose is cutting an album. The lastest leak, a song called “Loaded,” finds Rose rapping (talking?) over a super upbeat, house music track that is meant to get people shuffling.

During the song, Rose flaunts her fabulous lifestyle, rapping:

Hell yeah I like the finer things
Silk sheets and diamond rings
Big yachts and private planes
Fast cars in my own lane.
This girl means business
and I don’t need no wish list
My fine ass is high class
And there’s nothing I’m missin’

Listen to Amber Rose’s “Loaded” and tell us what you think.

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