With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, 8 days to be exact…but who’s counting, I thought it fitting to share with you a story one of my male friends shared about the moment he knew he was in love with his lady (who also happens to be my good friend).  It’s a simple, yet hilarious story about a guy who fell in love with a girl…flaws and all.  Enjoy!


Picture it.  Random Saturday night in Brooklyn.

Seven men and women are enjoying a casual evening filled with fun, laughter, Henny and Patron.

As the night progresses, the conversation turns to relationships.  A young woman turns to the group and asks “In any relationship, past or present, how did you know you were in love?”

One young man, black, handsome, educated, successful and there with his fiancé, speaks up and says “I remember the exact moment I knew I was in love.”  The young woman who posed the question responds with a doubtful look on her face, “The exact moment?,” she says.  “Yes, the exact moment,” the young man answers back.

The room goes silent.

Sensing everyone is eager to hear the tale, he begins telling his story.

“It was a few years ago.  I was getting ready for work, dragging my feet as usual, but this particular morning I was running late because my girlfriend had spent the night.  She had the day off so I was heading to the slave ship and leaving her at my crib.  I’m about to bounce, so I give her a kiss goodbye, tell her I’ll talk to her later and to call if she needs anything.  I’m about fifteen minutes out and for once making good time on the Belt when I realize I forgot some papers I need for an important meeting I had.  I’m thinking ‘F*ck!’  So I turn around and head back to my crib.”

At this moment, the young man’s fiancé begins to look slightly uncomfortable.  Her face looks flushed and she discreetly tries to get her fiancé’s attention.  It doesn’t work.  He continues with his story.

“So I get back to my crib, hop out the whip and run straight into my bedroom to grab the papers off the desk.”

The fiancé’s discomfort is clearly visible – to anyone paying attention.  The entire room is engrossed in his story and fail to notice her desperate attempts to cut it short.  She drops her fork in an attempt at a diversion.  No dice.  She tries bringing up the fact that they’re practically out of alcohol to help change the topic, but instead the group collectively decides to go to the liquor store later and encourages the young man to finish.  She looks defeated.  And worried.

“I’m standing at my desk making sure I have all the papers I need, when out of the corner of my eye…”

The fiancé now has her hands over her face and her head in her lap.

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